Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Sunday Scoop {7.26.15}

I'm so glad to be back for Teaching Trio's link up for the The Sunday Scoop!  Be sure to hop over to their blog to check out everyone else linking up!

I am a week away from school starting back (WHERE did summer go???!!!???).  So all my have to do's are related to that.  Our district is giving us 3 work days, but has filled them up with meetings (insert sad trombone sound).  I vowed to stay out of my classroom and away from all things school related until last week.  I only have a few small room set up things left to do, so my goal after that is to lesson plan and make copies...and laminate!

Last year, I got SO super tired of kids having to drag their chairs over to my small group table, so I ordered 6 of these stools from IKEA.

Has anyone else tried these in your classroom?  I'm really hoping these hold up well.

Since this is my last week of summer vacation, I'm only planning on working on school work Monday and Tuesday.  After that we are headed off to Six Flags and spending time with family.  Do you have some end of the summer plans you are going to squeeze in?


  1. Meal plan - awesome idea... Man, now I have more to do!!!

    1. If I can just follow through on that one!! When I do plan and even throw together a few freezer meals, my life is so much better in the evenings!

  2. I have an addiction to laminating! I LOVE cutting out things that have been laminated. Gets me so excited for the new school year!
    I love those stools! What a great idea for a guided reading/small group table. Let us know how they work out!

    Carlee Van Ness
    The Kindergarten Press

    1. OMG! If you were close by we would have to have a "Cut Out All the Laminated Things" party! I will definitely let you know about the stools...I'm crossing my fingers they hold up well.

  3. Meal planning......sigh......that's my plan as well!!!

    The Daily Alphabet

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