Monday, July 20, 2015

The Last 5 Months....

So I disappeared...almost completely for the last 5 months and I'm back today to explain why!

Have you ever felt comfortable with your life?  Felt that you had gotten to a good place?  Had a pretty clear idea of what the immediate future held?

I felt that way too in February.  It was a lot like the picture above...miles of beautiful, straight roadway ahead.  Little did I know that my life would change dramatically at the end of that short little month.

One of my students started missing a lot (and I mean A LOT) of school days in a row.  A child who was always there, suddenly missed two weeks in a row.  I spent a good amount of time that last week in February trying to track her down.

Tuesday, March 3, I found out she had been removed from her home by Social Services.  The next day, the social worker showed up at the school to withdraw her and I volunteered to take her.  Thursday, another case worker came to my home, and Friday at 7 pm, Little Miss was dropped off at my house.

I went from being single with no children to sharing a tiny apartment with a 7 year old.  It was a big change.

Because I was her teacher and it was considered an emergency placement, I was able to get a provisional foster care license.  I FINALLY completed all the classes and paperwork just a few short weeks ago and am now fully licensed.

Little Miss is (thankfully) an absolute sweetheart and since I had been her teacher, we didn't have any drama related to her not knowing me.

We are living one day at a time...or court date to court date (which we have another one coming up the second week of August and if you are a praying person, we would covet your prayers).

So that, in a nutshell, is why I completely disappeared from Teachers Pay Teachers and blogging.  I needed some time this summer to really recharge after a challenging school year and becoming a parent! If you are on Instagram, I would love to connect with you there (@theprimarysource)!  It is the only social media platform that I haven't completely neglected!

I hope you and yours have been having a wonderful summer break...we sure have!

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  1. What a blessing you are to this student. Thank you for sharing your story. TeacherMsH