Thursday, January 1, 2015

December SLANTbox

So December was my first time to sign up with Jameson over at Lessons with Coffee for SLANTbox!  I have stalked other people who participate for a long time, and I am so glad I signed up!  You are matched with two other teachers after signing teacher to send fun prizes to and one teacher who will send fun prizes to you!  Lauren Craton from Sparkling in Seventh sent me a super fun SLANTbox this month (Thanks Lauren!!!!!!).

The theme was "The 12 Days of Teaching".  Here are all the goodies I received:

12 Mr. Sketch Markers
11 erasers
10 dollars to the Amazon Kindle store
9 Reese cups
8 of "seriously the BEST colored pens ever!" - I can't wait to try these out!!
7 packs of stickers
6 tropical things - since she couldn't afford to send me on a tropical vacation.
5 golden things - yellow is my favorite color!!
4 homemade Christmas cards from her students
3 packs of Reese's Pieces
2 beauty products - my favorite mascara and tinted Burt's Bees balm
1 Grinch mug

LOVED. IT. ALL!!!  Thank you again Lauren and thank you to Jameson for putting this together each month!

If you are interested in SLANTbox, the signups for January should go live any day now.

Happy New Year friends!

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