Thursday, October 16, 2014

What I Did Right!

I am linking up with the amazing Angela over at The Daily Alphabet for What I Did Right!

Sometimes it is the most simple activities that really make it click with my kiddos.  We are working on commas in a series this week.  I had some little sweeties that just still didn't get it.

Enter Comma Sticks!

It was so spur of the moment that I didn't even take a picture, but basically it is two tongue depressors with a large comma drawn on each one with a Sharpie.  I had sentences written on my easel that needed commas (Mom cooked pizza hot dogs and burgers for the cookout.).  The kiddos would then grab a comma stick in each hand, read the sentence out loud, and punch forward with a comma stick when they got to a spot that needed a comma.  It was like magic!  Something about those simple sticks really helped my strugglers get it.

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  1. I bet they had fun with this activity! Sometimes kiddos just need a visual!!

    The Daily Alphabet